This heroic cat saved a baby’s life by doing one simple thing

There are few things harder in life than losing a child. The couple in our story lost not one, but three – all during the delivery. When they were finally able to safely deliver a new baby girl into the world, they were understandably thrilled. Tragedy almost struck again, however, and they almost have lost the fourth baby as well… if not for the actions of none other than their cat!

Saving her life

Cats have always had an impressive connection to the human race. We have worshipped them; we have cared for them; and we have been incredibly grateful for their presence during our darkest days.

However, cats are often considered to be independent and elusive – so have you ever wondered what they think of their owners? Do they love them as much as their owners love them? Well, one family found out for themselves when their cat went above and beyond to save their daughter’s life, and this mom couldn’t believe what had happened.

The mom in question

To truly understand this story, we need to learn a little more about the mom in question. When Bernita Rogers was a child, she always knew that she one day wanted to be a mother.

She always told herself that she would have one daughter and two boys, and she expected this to just fall into place. However, her plan didn’t come into action as soon as she hoped, as she had to kiss a few frogs before she finally found the love of her life. It was then that she married Roy Rogers.

Back in time

After tying the knot, Bernita and Roy set about their plan to have a baby and make a new life for themselves as a family.

While this story begins in 1986, when the couple welcomed their daughter into the world, it’s fair to say that their story takes them back countless years before that. In fact, the couple had gone through years of struggle and hardship before they could finally welcome a happy and healthy baby into the world. They had almost lost hope that they would have a baby of their own.

An intense struggle

Bernita used to work as a nurse, and so she was used to seeing pain and suffering every single day. Yet, nothing compared to the experiences that she went through when trying for a baby with her husband.

That’s because Stacey had fallen pregnant three times before having their daughter. All three times she had had a relatively normal pregnancy until everything changed during labor. She lost all three of the babies during their deliveries, and she just didn’t know how to cope with these losses in her life.

Welcoming Midnight

As Bernita and Roy struggled with the loss of their three children, they were welcomed by a new addition into their lives. The couple found a stray cat that looked a little worse for wear, so they decided to give the animal a new chance at life.

They hoped that the black cat would fill the hole in their lives, and would take their minds off their heartache. They named their cat Midnight, and thanks to its life on the streets, constantly wanted attention and affection. Bernita was more than happy to oblige.

Fourth time lucky

Despite having a cat to look after, Bernita and Roy just couldn’t shake the thought that there was something missing. They had desperately wanted a baby, but they didn’t know if they could go through the ordeal of losing another child.

Yet, they also had a good feeling that their fourth time might be lucky. They decided to try for another baby, and they eventually welcomed Stacey into the world. Stacey was their miracle baby, and they were extremely protective over their happy and healthy daughter. They weren’t going to let her go.

A turn for the worse

To look after their beautiful baby girl, Bernita and Roy did everything they could to ensure that she was as comfortable and as well-looked after as possible.

Whenever they put Stacey down for a nap, they would double and triple check that their baby monitor was working – just in case anything happened. However, just six weeks into their new adventure as parents, Bernita and Roy found themselves in a situation that no parent ever wants to be in. Their baby was ill, and they were shaken to the core.

Not too serious

As soon as the new parents realized what was going on, they immediately scooped their baby up and took her to the doctor. It was here that their worries were diminished because Stacey had simply contracted a cold.

The pediatrician told Bernita that Stacey was exhibiting signs of a “respiratory thing” that was making the rounds, and that she shouldn’t worry. They hoped that with medicine and rest, their daughter would fight the illness and perk back up to her normal self in no time. Little did they know that their worries were just beginning.

Something strange

When the couple took Stacey home, they assumed that their baby would make a full recovery and that they wouldn’t have to worry. Because of this, they invited Bernita’s parents to come and stay with them.

They wanted to spend time with Stacey, and it would give the new parents a little extra help during a tough time. However, things were about to get a little strange. This unusual event happened shortly after Bernita had taken Stacey upstairs for a nap, and come back down to spend time with her own parents.

Cat on the loose

As Bernita was simply talking to her parents downstairs, she saw Midnight make its way into the room. The cat hadn’t just skulked in as usual, though. He was acting incredibly erratically and was jumping all over Bernita.

As a relatively calm cat, this was completely out of the ordinary. The new parents had never seen Midnight act in such a way, and they were very disconcerted. What was wrong with him? The couple had enough on their mind to also have to worry about their cat.

Incredibly persistent

At first, Bernita and Roy just thought that Midnight was lacking attention. They tried to tickle him under the chin but soon realized that that wasn’t what he wanted. He would not stop squirming or making a fuss, and his persistence began to make them worry.

It was as if the cat was trying to portray a message of some sorts, but the couple and Bernita’s parents just had no idea what he was trying to say to them. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation would become clear within minutes.

A horrific sound

Bernita and Roy were trying to calm Midnight down, but almost as soon as they began to stroke him, he immediately jumped off their laps and ran up the stairs.

They just assumed that he had heard a noise outside and had gone to check it out – but they soon understood that this wasn’t the case. Because they kept the baby monitor right beside them, they didn’t have to listen too hard to hear the horrific sound that soon came out of it. It was like nothing they had ever heard before.

Turning blue

As soon as the couple heard the screeching noise that was coming through the baby monitor, they knew that something wasn’t right. Without thinking about it, Bernita jumped up from her chair and ran up the stairs and into Stacey’s room.

The scene in front of her was like her worst nightmare, and she was instantly flooded with fear and terror. Lying in her crib was Stacey, and Bernita could immediately tell that her life was in the balance. She had turned blue, and she was struggling to breathe.

A terrifying moment

Looking down at her baby, Bernita knew that her baby’s life was in the balance. She had already lost three children, and she wasn’t going to lose another. She just couldn’t go through that heartache again.

She knew that if Midnight hadn’t caught her attention and alerted her to what was going on upstairs, they could have lost their fourth child. Thankfully, Bernita had found her daughter in the right moment. She and her husband rushed little Stacey to hospital, where the doctors were able to save her life.

Full respiratory failure

When the doctors examined the six-week-old baby, they were able to see that she had undergone “full respiratory failure.” If Bernita had waited just a few minutes longer to make her way upstairs, she may have been too later.

Yet, she was able to survive the ordeal, and her parents were able to take her back home when she had made a full recovery. They were once again protective over their daughter, but they also came to realize that they didn’t just have the doctors to thank for saving Stacey’s life.

Saving her life

Years after this event, Bernita spoke to Oprah Winfrey on The Oprah Winfrey Show about their ordeal. She noted that Stacey would have passed away if it wasn’t for the heroic efforts of their cat.

Midnight knew that something wasn’t quite right, and he knew that he had to get the attention of his owners. If he hadn’t acted out or jumped on Bernita’s lap, she may not have gone upstairs to check on Stacey. Then, it may have been too late for the little one. That didn’t bear thinking about.

11 years later

In fact, Bernita and Roy made their way onto the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show 11 years later. But they weren’t on their own. The couple also allowed Stacey the chance to take center stage.

After a traumatic childhood, Stacey had been able to grow into a happy and healthy teenager. She already had an incredible connection to Midnight thanks to her many years of living with the cat, but their bond was even deeper after she learned of his heroic efforts. That’s something that she would never forget.

Always there

When interviewed about her connection to the cat, Stacey didn’t hold back. She noted that she loved him “dearly” and that he was not like any other cat in the world.

Midnight had gone above and beyond to take care of his owners, and he did everything he could to ensure that they were happy and healthy at all times. She had spent many fun years with the cat, but she did confess that Midnight was getting much less energetic as he got older. Of course, she still loves him.

Lying around

Although Midnight now likes to chill out and “lie in the sun,” it’s fair to say that his cat probably deserves a good rest. After all, not many cats can say that they have saved the life of a human in their lifetime.

Bernita and Roy are more than happy to let their cat do what he wants to enjoy the rest of his existence because they can’t repay their cat enough for what he did. It seems as though those who have heard this story also agree with this sentiment.

Guardian angel

The segment that appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show has since become a viral sensation, and millions of people across the globe have tuned in to hear how Midnight became the hero of the hour.

One person has noted that Midnight did an “awesome job,” while there are other commentators who believe that Midnight is Stacey’s guardian angel and was sent to this earth to look over the young girl. If that’s the case, then he has definitely done his job. He is her protector through and through.

Good luck

There is a superstition that black cats are an omen and that they bring bad luck on those who see them. However, it’s fair to say that Midnight is the complete opposite.

After going through the worst of times, Bernita and Roy were over the moon to finally have a child in their lives. If Midnight had not stepped in and brought their attention to the fact that their daughter was in danger, they don’t know how they would have coped. Midnight is definitely the hero in this story, and it’s truly incredible.