The biggest flops at the box office ever

Titan A.E. (lost $100 million)

When it comes to leading Hollywood studios, 21st Century Fox is up there with some of the greatest, producing a considerable number of hits over the years. That was until the turn of the century, when this animated sci-fi movie hit the big screen. Everything was set to be perfect as the film even managed to bag the likes of Matt Damon and Drew Barrymore to voice some roles. Unfortunately, with a budget of around $90 million, meager ticket sales and mediocre reviews led to Titan A.E. losing around $100 million.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (lost $96 million)

Sci-fi comedies have been all the rage for many years, with the late ‘90s and early ‘00s giving us some of the best to date. Another entry in the genre – The Adventures of Pluto Nash – hit screens in 2002 and starred the one and only Eddie Murphy, playing the owner of a nightclub on the moon. When the club is taken over, Murphy does his best to take back control of it. Warner Bros. lost control themselves when they saw the final receipts – a $96 million loss on a $100 million movie.

Jack the Giant Slayer (lost $125 million)

2013 was the year this fairytale movie hit our screens, and we were about to see a whole new take on this classic tale. While Jack was busy trying to rescue a princess from the land of giants, New Line Cinema was busy trying to count their losses. The studio spent around $200 million to get all those special effects just right. Sadly, Jack and the Giant Slayer turned into a wrong investment as the film now sits with a loss of $125 million.

47 Ronin (lost $98 million)

It can be hard for unknown directors to breakout in Hollywood which is why it’s such a big deal when they’re given a chance to shine. Carl Rinsch was the man in charge of Universal Pictures’ latest fantasy-drama 47 Ronin, but it seemed as though even Samurai Keanu Reeves wasn’t enough to bring this film back from the edge. Not only did it flop in Japan, but 47 Ronin flopped in America and all around the world, too. In fact, it lost $98 million – ouch.

Pan (lost $150 million)

Peter Pan is the story of a boy that never grew up and has been retold all around the world thousands of times. Back in 2015, Warner Bros. put everything they had into this new production as they aimed to tell the story before it all began with the release of the fantasy movie Pan. There was plenty to live up to as the film had a budget of around $275 million. Although it needed to make $400 million to make it worthwhile, Pan now has a loss of $150 million instead.

The BFG (lost $100 million)

We hate to admit it, but even Steven Spielberg can’t keep away from box office flops with the likes of the fantasy adventure movie The BFG. Sure, this director might have made some of Hollywood’s biggest classics over the years, but when he adapted the Roald Dahl book into his latest movie, Steven might not have expected this response. The film was a total flop in the numbers as it now sits with more than $100 million in losses.

How Do You Know (lost between $85 – $118 million)

Sony Pictures were willing to spend just about all they had to secure an all-star cast for their rom-com, How Do You Know. Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson, and Reese Witherspoon were some of the many stars that appeared in the 2010 movie, but it seems as if it was all for nothing. The film brought in around $50 million from box office sales meaning they were still between $85 and $118 million short from making a profit. That’s gotta hurt.

The Lone Ranger (lost $100 million)

Johnny Depp might be one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, but even he wasn’t enough to save this action adventure film from the edge. It seems as though Walt Disney Pictures was cursed from the beginning as significant set damage, poor conditions, and injured cast and stunt people were just some of the issues they faced along the way. The studios ultimately canceled the movie before finally finishing their production to the tune of a $100 million loss. Perhaps they should have left it alone after all?

Jupiter Ascending (lost between $90 – $110 million)

Lana and Lilly Wachowski were the talented pair behind the sci-fi thriller franchise the Matrix. Could they pull off the same success 16 years later? Apparently not. The two managed to secure the likes of Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum for their 2015 fantasy film Jupiter Ascending. Sadly, that’s where their luck ran out. Even with all the top CGI that made the film what it is, everyone was left between $90 and $110 million out of pocket. Not quite the final bill they were after.

Monster Trucks (lost $120 million)

This is the comedy film that had the world divided back in 2016. Although fans loved every moment of Monster Trucks, it seemed as if the critics weren’t shy about holding back their true feelings. It was over to the figures to decide who was right. Paramount Pictures was on the edge of its seat to hear the results, and they weren’t good. In fact, Monster Trucks walked away with a loss of around $120 million after bringing in a mere $65 million at the box office.

Deepwater Horizon (lost $60 million)

Mark Wahlberg has been in a major number of Hollywood blockbusters over the years, but he might want to disassociate himself from this one as the disaster film Deepwater Horizon was more of a deepwater box office flop. Thankfully, it seems as though there could have been a reason for its failure. Deepwater Horizon was released at the peak of 2015’s Oscar season. Stats show that action films will fall behind comedies and dramas, and apparently lose $60 million, too.

Basic Instinct 2 (lost $32 million)

Sequels can either make or break a franchise. Sadly, this thriller movie was the latter. The first film was a huge success, and everyone in the production was keen to ride out the income of the first release. Fast forward 15 years of planning and here we have the sequel. Unfortunately, fans weren’t pleased with the new stories which meant Basic Instinct 2 lost out $32 million overall. What a way to find out the answer!

Delgo (lost $39 million)

When it comes to the lowest grossing movies, you might be surprised to hear some on the list. However, all others can move aside as this rom-com takes the top spot for animated films. Although, we’re not sure that is such a good thing. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jennifer Love Hewitt were just some of the famous names tied to the film that took home around $1 million from the box office. Now, they are left with a whopping $39 million loss.

Fantastic Four (lost between $80 – $100 million)

Superheros films are all the rage right now, and many have been rebooted over the last few years. The Fantastic Four is no exception. Sadly, it seems as though they were less fantastic and more box office flop as fans struggled to get behind actors yet to make their name in Hollywood. The movie cost Fox a small fortune and repaid them by making a loss between $80 and $100 million. Everyone needs to start somewhere, right?

John Carter (lost $200 million)

Believe it or not, but you’re looking at a Disney movie right here, even if you may have never heard the name before. It’s reported the studios fell out with Andrew Stanton, the director of the film, before it was released meaning he didn’t get the backing that most other movies receive. Unfortunately, all that tension could only lead one direction and caused John Carter to bring home just $250 million – around $200 million short of the budget.

Green Lantern (lost $98 million)

It seems even the blossoming of one of Hollywood’s biggest couples wasn’t enough to save this film. Before Ryan Reynolds took on the part of Deadpool, he was the lead in this superhero box office flop alongside his now-wife, Blake Lively. Amazingly, Green Lantern needed to make a staggering $500 million if it was going to make a profit. In reality, it never came close to the figure and ended up falling $98 million into the red. At least now Ryan has his successful superhero moment.

R.I.P.D. (lost between $100 – $120 million)

It’s not just Green Lantern that had Ryan Reynolds in a whirl. Back in 2013 when the actor starred alongside Jeff Bridges in this zombie comedy, the pair just couldn’t win over the crowd. With a storyline that failed, CGI that left a lot to be desired, and plenty of awkward for everyone jokes, R.I.P.D. lost between $100 and $120 million for Universal Pictures. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the critics weren’t that supportive of it all either.

Tomorrowland (lost between $80 – $155 million)

When Disney announced they had won Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney for their 2015 sci-fi adventure movie, Tomorrowland, no one could wait to see what they could pull out the bag. Cue a tremendous amount of advertising from movie posters to teaser trailers, but there was an issue. No one was hooked. Instead, the film ended up with an $80 to $155 million loss. Thankfully, even this major hit didn’t put the Cloon-meister off his game for long.

Ben-Hur (lost between $76 – $120 million)

Using a new face as the lead for any movie is a brave move, but one that could have an incredible payoff. After all, fans could be about to see the start of an astonishing career. So when Jack Huston was announced as the lead of the remake of this historical period drama, it looked as though they could be onto a winner. That was until many production problems and set issues delayed the filming. Morgan Freeman stepped in to lend his help, but the film still ended with a $76 – $120 million loss.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (lost $150 million)

When director Guy Ritchie and actor Charlie Hunnam announced they were teaming up together for this fantasy-drama, it seemed as though Hollywood could be about to see the next best thing. That was until they actually saw the final piece. King Arthur had a $175 million budget, yet the production was competing with the likes of the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at the time of its release. Unfortunately, the competition proved too much and left this movie with a $150 million loss.

Sahara (lost between $78 – $105 million)

There have been many books that have successfully adapted into films. Anyone remember the fantasy Harry Potter franchise? What about the romantic fantasy Twilight Saga? The list could go on. Unfortunately, Sahara is not on there. There were several trailers, live tours, and A-list actors, including Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz, but nothing was enough to save this film. Now, it has between a $78 and $105 million loss to live with instead. Perhaps stick with the books next time?

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (lost $125 million)

Families everywhere often flock to the cinema to watch the latest animated classic. So when Sinbad was released, it seemed as though they were onto a winner. Dreamworks was hoping to win over the crowds, but, in reality, they just seemed to upset the critics with cringey dialogue and storylines instead. All those bad reviews soon caught up to them, and the studios lost a staggering $125 million as a result of it all. Better luck next time!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (lost $75 million)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for years, and are part of many people’s childhoods. From video games to dolls, and an animated TV series to a number of movies, there are so many ways we have been able to enjoy these superheroes over the years. Although producers thought fans would be excited to see them in the flesh finally, fans were left feeling a bit creeped by the guys in the 2016 release. All that spook-factor led to a loss of $75 million.

Power Rangers (lost $76 million)

Many fans of the Power Rangers had their favorite color, and the crew ended up becoming the talk of the ‘90s. Although the TV series was always unrealistic, this is what kept pulling fans back to it all. Lionsgate Films chose to recast the Rangers for a 2017 reboot, but many fans weren’t pleased with the results. In fact, the movie only brought in $142 million from worldwide sales which caused it to suffer a $76 million loss.

Mars Needs Moms (lost between $100 – $144 million)

Mars Needs Moms was the animated movie that was set to change the world back in 2011. Why? Disney had been working with a team of experts to create an all-new animation style that was supposed to take the world by storm. What really happened was they found out why no one had ever animated in this way before. The critics and fans couldn’t get on board with the new style, and many blame this as the reason the movie lost between a whopping $100 and $144 million at the box office.

Speed Racer (lost between $73 – $81 million)

You might like to think that production companies make movies for the passion, right? Well, it seems as though this sports comedy came together all thanks to some dollar signs in their eyes. The TV show had been a massive hit for many years, and it seems as though it was time for them to make a film. It looks like they should have left this incredible franchise alone as fans weren’t impressed with the film adaptation. They, therefore, walked away with a loss of anywhere between $73 and $81 million. Not a good finale after all.

Gigli (lost $72 million)

Celebrity romances have been the selling point of many films. So when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez entered a relationship, Revolution Studios were quick to cast the couple as the lead of this rom-com. There might have been plenty of love on screen, but that is where it stopped as fans weren’t impressed with the movie. Altogether, they walked away with a loss of around $72 million. At least they ended up getting a place on our list, right? That must count for something.

Stealth (lost $96 million)

Unfortunately, fans weren’t shy to hold back with their thoughts on this movie. No one could believe they were seeing the story of the action film unfold in front of their eyes. 2005 was a strange year as audiences had already seen the likes of Top Gun unfold before their eyes and were confused how a movie so similar had already hit the big screen. It was the battle of the action movies. Sadly, there could only be one winner, and it wasn’t Stealth. Instead, it won the prize of a $96 million loss.

Cowboys and Aliens (lost between $63 – $75 million)

Cowboys and aliens – two things we never thought we would see together, yet this 2011 sci-fi Western was about to give us the story we never knew we needed. Apparently, we still don’t need it either. Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig were just two of the many stars to appear in the movie, but even their names couldn’t save it from the edge. No matter how hard they tried to lasso a profit, Cowboys and Aliens left the box office with a loss between $63 and $75 million.

The Good Dinosaur (lost $85 million)

“How can another animated classic make its way onto the list?” we hear you ask? Well, get ready as there might be a good reason for this entry. The film was a huge success but still ended up becoming one of the biggest flops at the box office ever thanks to Pixar, the production company behind it all. Apparently, the studios were so determined to get the finished product they dreamed of that they paid animators extortionate fees to achieve it. Although they got the film they wanted, they also received a loss of $85 million.

The Promise (lost between $94 – $102 million)

Phoenix Pictures and Survival Pictures decided to team up together back in 2015 to give the world of biographical dramas a go. The Promise was the finished result, but it seems like it couldn’t live up to all that hype. Charlotte Le Bon and Christian Bale took the leading roles and acted their hearts out to less than impressed critics who tore the movie to shreds. All in all, the film was slapped with a loss between $94 and $102 million.

Cutthroat Island (lost $89 million)

Pirate movies have become hugely popular thanks to the likes of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Unfortunately, it seems as though Cutthroat Island was a bit ahead of its time as the movie was first released back in the ‘90s. There might have been a good reason they were arguing over treasure in the film – they needed something to make up for their $89 million loss! Hollywood can be cutthroat as, sadly, this film was about to find out.

Evan Almighty (lost $88 million)

Bruce Almighty was a massive hit in 2003, so surely this comedy spin-off from the movie should have been just as successful, right? Well, that’s what Universal Pictures thought too. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be much further from the truth. Although the storyline was praised, it was the treatment of all those animals on the set that had viewers worried. They were so concerned that many boycotted the film which led it down the path to an $88 million loss. No ark can save them now.

The Mummy (lost $95 million)

This action-adventure movie first hit our screen in 1999, but it is the 2017 remake that has made it to our list. Tom Cruise took the lead as he battled to undo the trouble that came with opening an ancient tomb. However, it looks like some things are just best left in the past as fans were less than impressed with the new special effects. All those effects meant the film had a hefty budget – and need even bigger sales to make a profit. Perhaps they would like to rebury their $95 million loss too?

Alexander (lost $71 million)

It looks like Warner Bros. like to take risks. So would giving Alexander the Great his own movie have the payoff they were after? Sadly not. Not only was Angelina Jolie’s age questioned when she played Colin Farrell’s mother, but all those historical facts were checked, double checked, and checked again. The results? Not good. In fact, critics and fans found too many faults to be happy with the film which ended up with a loss of $71 million.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (lost $70 million)

When it comes to memorable movies, director Tim Burton usually has his work up there with the greats. The first movie in this fantasy franchise was a major success and even became the fifth highest grossing movie ever. That was a different story when it came to the sequel. Fans found it all a bit too weird and too wonderful for their liking meaning many never even made it to the cinema in the first place. Unfortunately, Alice Through the Looking Glass is now one of the biggest flops at the box office thanks to its $70 million loss.

Jack Frost (lost $68 million)

This holiday classic was in for a frosty reception when Jack Frost first hit our screen back in 1998. Although it is now one of the biggest Christmas movies out there, it still sits with a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with Jack Frost being compared to one of the scariest creatures ever thought up in Hollywood. He wasn’t that bad, was he? We might love it now, but the movie still sits with a $68 million loss from its day in the box office.

Pixels (lost $75 million)

Taking video game characters and turning them into the stars of an action comedy movie is going to go one of two ways. You’re either going to get a boatload of fans or make a box office flop. Judging by its entry on the list, it’s safe to say Pixels was the latter. Critics were quick to point out the film’s motive to make money rather than keep people entertained which must have hurt the productions studios even more when they learned of their $75 million loss.

Ghostbusters (lost $75 million)

Believe it or not, but the original movie was released all the way back in 1984 and still stands as one of the biggest Hollywood classics of all time. So when 2016 rolled around, Sony decided it was time for a remake of the fantasy adventure film. It was supposed to feature an all-female cast and be a feel-good flick for everyone. What they really made was a huge box office flop as fans couldn’t get on board with a Ghostbusters without the original cast. Now, they have a staggering $75 million loss.

Seventh Son (lost $85 million)

Some production studios want a brand new cast to feature in their films. Others look for some of the biggest names in Hollywood to sell their finished piece. Universal Pictures was no exception when it came to the release of the fantasy action film Seventh Son. Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges were some of the many A-listers, but nothing could bring this back from the edge. Instead, this box office flop landed itself an $85 million loss.

Ali (lost $63 million)

Will Smith is one of the most famous stars in Hollywood and was busy riding out his success through the ‘90s and ‘00s. Ali is another biopic film, and this time focuses on the life of Muhammed Ali, the famous boxer. The production company had a huge budget to spend to make this movie as great as the star. Sadly, it was a total knockout as Ali didn’t live up to the legend. Instead, the film received a $63 million loss from the box office.

Supernova (lost $83 million)

Some movies surprisingly a flop at the box office. Others? Not so much. Unfortunately, this sci-fi horror was in for a tough time as soon as the director, Walter Hill, discredited himself from the film by using a fake name for the release. As if that wasn’t enough already, the critics gave it just 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, with some even finding the movie an “insult.” Amazingly, Supernova only walked away with an $83 million loss. See, it could have been worse.

Allied (lost between $75 – $90 million)

Amazingly, war movie managed to land the likes of Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt as the two stars of the film. Even with all all-star cast, these two Hollywood stars weren’t enough to save it from the edge as Allied walked away with a loss between $75 and $90 million. Fans believed they were going to see some sparks on screen, but as soon as the trailers were released, people were quick to point out the whole chemistry felt forced. Ouch.

Gods of Egypt (lost $79 – $90 million)

Actor Gerard Butler showed the world how he could take on any leading role back in 2006 with the release of the war film 300. Summit Entertainment looked like they wanted to recreate the movie’s success in 2016 with the release of the fantasy film Gods of Egypt. While everyone might have had high hopes for it all, the movie ended up falling far from the mark with a loss between $79 and $90 million. To top it off, critics berated the storyline. All those reviews left people avoiding the cinema altogether.