Carpenter gives young customer a lesson in manners when he demands a desk in a week

Carpenter gives customer a lesson in manners when he demands a desk in one week

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you just need it there and then with no time to wait in the world? It can be tough knowing that we have to wait for something to arrive in the mail, or for it to come into stock in the store. Instant gratification can be a hard burden to carry – especially when you know how much you desire something in that very moment. This could be anything from a slice of your favorite cake, a vacation of a lifetime, or a brand new phone.

Whatever the case, we know what we want – and we want it now. It’s thought that us humans are only getting more wantful as the years go past. After all, the new tech and all those trips can be enough to see many of us dreaming of the day they will be ours. Sadly, it seems as though not everyone in the world is ready to fulfill all our hopes and dreams.

Years of experience

Becoming a carpenter often takes years of training and even longer to perfect your skills. Thankfully, Abs Delfuego had plenty of experience under his belt as this carpenter had built quite the reputation for himself. As well as running a successful business, Abs had also established a name for himself.

Years of experience

Now, he’s one of the leading carpenters for crafting custom-made arcade machines entirely from scratch. He has seen thousands of clients come and go, but Abs was about to meet one who had a few more demands than he was used to handling.