If you aren’t attending your college’s sports games, you’re missing out

College sports can be a little different than their professional counterparts. For one thing, many of the athletes competing aren’t yet the finished article so often the competition can be on more of a level playing field, so it will always be competitive. If you’ve been invited to check out some of your college’s sporting events but haven’t yet gone to see them, then this is what you’re missing out on.

The college section

In many arena sports played at college, there are two sections in the crowd, one for regular supporters and one for the students of the college. The student section is often the loudest section in the entire arena, and if you can’t see them, you’ll be sure to hear them. If you want to go to a sports event and get lost in the atmosphere then check out a college basketball or football game from the student section. You’ll find yourself making tons of new friends, all singing along to some of the most creative and passionate sports songs you’ll ever hear.

It’s an excuse to paint your body

Okay, you’re secret is with us but we know you’ve been desperate to go out in public with part, or all, of your body covered in paint. Well going to a college sports game is the perfect excuse to paint your body in the color of your team and just go crazy for a couple of hours. You’ll be able to let loose, and you can guarantee you won’t be the only one there covered in paint. You could even coordinate with your friends and each paint a letter on your face, tummy, chest, or back, where ever you feel like.

If you aren’t attending your college’s sports games, you’re missing out

You can talent spot

If you are a sports fan, then you shouldn’t snub the college game in favor of the professional one. The college sports scene is where you’re most likely to spot the stars of tomorrow, and then when you’re watching football in a bar five years later, you can tell the person next to you that you saw the star quarterback throwing hail Mary passes all night long one winter in Minnesota. Sure you already knew that Michael Jordan played basketball in college, but imagine seeing his talent up close and personal before getting a ticket to a Chicago Bulls game would require you to remortgage your house to buy.

There is passion

Sports franchises can sometimes take some of the soul out of the professional game, but following your local college team? That’s a team you can get behind each and every year because you care more about the things closer to you. Pro athletes can just follow the money around, not really caring who they are playing for but you know that your college athletes are going to go out there each and every night and give it their all. Not only are they playing for their futures in the pro game but they are doing it for their college.

It’s more fun

The players involved in the college game are still young athletes so are more likely to make the occasional mistake or two. That means that the defenses are not as well drilled as those in the professional game, making the likelihood of errors occurring higher. You’ll probably see higher scoring games, and feel as though you are getting more entertainment for your money than you might at a professional game.

If you aren’t attending your college’s sports games, you’re missing out

Following a college sports team is often just way more fun than following a franchise. You can support your local team which helps to make rivalries feel more genuine than those in professional sports across America. Check out your nearest college game sometime soon, if you love sports, you’ll love it.