Which U.S. colleges are the most hipster friendly?

The great thing about college is that no matter who you are, or what you’re like, there is always somewhere you’re going to fit in. It’s the perfect chance to break free from, the shackles of your hometown, and express yourself as best you can. Be who you want to be, reinvent yourself, and adopt the social circles you’ve always wanted. You can do all this and more in college, so it’s the perfect place for you.

Expressing yourself, and not being afraid to be different is a huge part of what college life is all about. Have you ever felt you are different from other people? Do you regularly feel out of place among the “normals?” Well, if that’s the case for you, it sounds like you could do with checking out some of the best hipster colleges in the United States.

Oberlin College

This liberal arts college in Oberlin, Ohio, ranks as one of the most hipster institutions in the United States. For one thing, it’s a hugely vegan-friendly college, offering vegan meals, as well as treats like gluten-free muffins. There is also a stunning music scene here, and the university’s Conservatory of Music is world famous. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs formed here, so this is definitely a place for music fans! Individuality is a way of life at Oberlin, and this makes it the perfect place for the hipster in you.

Reed College

Based in Portland, Oregon, Reed College is one of the leading colleges in the country, and perfect for those who like things a little different. With unique written feedback, and some stunning extracurricular activities (beer brewing anyone?), this is a place that young people can come and figure out who they are. And, as well as the school itself being great, there are plenty of amazing things to do in the surrounding area.

Emerson College

Boston is one of the best cities to go if you want to further your education in the right way. And Emerson College is one of the best places for young hipsters to gravitate when they choose the right institution for them. With exclusively creative majors on offer, this is the place to cut your artistic teeth – there is also a flourishing hipster scene on and off campus. For anyone who has always wondered where they fit in, the answer is Emerson.

New York University

It’s pretty self-explanatory why this college makes our list. NYU is something of an institution in the States, not least because it’s located in the world’s greatest city. You can enjoy the hipster paradises of places like Williamsburg, as well as engaging in stunningly unique extracurricular activities. So many renowned artists have NYU as their alma mater – it really is the ultimate place for the creative, frustrated hipster in you to unleash yourself on the world.

So there you have it, some of the biggest hipster colleges in the USA. If you’re looking for somewhere you can be different and explore who you are as a person, these colleges are the ideal institutions for you to check out.