Things you’ll learn in your first few weeks in college

They say that college is the time of your life and they couldn’t be more right. It is a chance to reinvent yourself, starting from a clean slate and choosing how you want to spend the rest of your life and there is nothing quite as empowering as that. Better yet, college is some of the most fun that you will have in your entire life as you have finally left the coup, can grab hold of your independence, and have only a handful of responsibilities to keep you grounded.

Things you’ll learn in your first few weeks in college

You are going to learn a lot while you’re at college, and we’re not just talking about your studies. Beyond academic fulfilment, college is going to teach you about friendship, managing your expectations, and how to look after yourself, though not overnight. It is going to be a major adjustment settling into your major and the first few weeks will set the foundations for your college experience. Here’s what you are going to learn during the first month of your college career:

There’s so many friends to make

Most of us may not even be able to remember the first time we and our school besties made our friendships official. Needless to say, these long fruitful friendships, though amazing, reflect who we have been and not who we are going to be. In college, if you aren’t by your highschool best friend’s side, then you’re starting on the same blank friendship page as everyone else and that’s what makes it so exhilarating. People from all walks of life will gather in the common rooms eager to get to know each other and meet like-minded people. It is in these moments sharing our life stories and dancing till the early hours of the morning with our roommates that we begin to connect with a world beyond our cul de sac.

Juggling academic and social life is a struggle

While you’re bound to make great friendships and spend your time attending spectacular social events, you’ve come to college to get a degree and your studies are of the utmost importance. It is imperative that you balance your academic and social lives if you wish to get the most out of your college experience, and this is not easy. There will be countless times you’re up late at night working through a module when your roomie is begging you to come out and setting boundaries can be a real challenge. It’s important to set these boundaries in these first few weeks so your new friends know where you stand.

Things you’ll learn in your first few weeks in college

How to fend for yourself

The most important life lesson you will learn, especially in the first few weeks of college is how to look after yourself. You’ll gain the invaluable skill of independence, whether it spurred on by having to sort out your own supper for a change, budgeting to buy that stunning dress you’ve been after, or learning how to stick up for yourself when you need to. College is a whirlwind and learning to fend for yourself will be your ticket to a totally free and awesome experience.

There you have it, a few important lessons you will learn in your first few weeks of college besides the mountains of textbooks you’ll be working through for your modules. These lessons will stick with you forever and help you have the most memorable, life changing college experience.