Oldest college buildings in the country

Some of the most spectacular things about colleges are that many of them have a wealth of history, and with some of the most impressive buildings to go with it. However, a building almost seems more interesting depending on how old it is, either more spectacular for having stood for so long, or more beautiful for its unique and old-fashioned design. It doesn’t really matter if you love history or architecture, because these buildings will blow you away by simply knowing that they’re standing. Here are some of the oldest college buildings in the country.

University Hall – Brown University

University Hall at Brown is one of the oldest buildings in the country as it was built in 1770. The building was built to last, and it wasn’t supposed to have anything too fancy or ornate, the designs of the building wanted it to show strength, although no one knows who the architect was who designed it. The university itself was founded in 1964, but in 1776 the hall would be used for much more than study and philosophy. The hall would be used as a hospital for American troops and was initially called the College Edifice.

University Hall – Brown University

Nassau Hall – Princeton University

This hall was built in 1756 and was built to be one of the grandest halls in the area. When it was built, it was the largest building in New Jersey; it is now the oldest building at Princeton University. The institution was the largest of all the American colonies for a time. During the American Revolution, in 1777, the hall became damaged by troops from both sides of the fray; Nassau Hall is now a national historic landmark in America.

Connecticut Hall – Yale University

The Connecticut Hall was built influenced by Georgian architecture, as can be seen by the wide building structure and the many windows. This was used as a dorm for a couple of hundred years, which was its intended purpose for being built. It used to be called South Middle College before it was called Connecticut Hall but otherwise stands as a landmark of history, standing tall and proud as one of the first ever university dorms ever built. It was built in 1752.

Massachusetts Hall – Harvard University

This building was constructed in 1722, long before Connecticut Hall, but it clearly the structure that influenced the building as they both look almost identical. This is the second oldest academic building in America, and it’s of no surprise that it resides at Harvard. While it is second place in buildings, it is undisputedly the oldest dormitory in the country and has hosted many important people in American history.

Massachusetts Hall – Harvard University

The Wren Building – College of William and Mary

Officially the oldest academic building in the United States, the Wren Building was constructed in 1700 at the College of William and Mary. This old building has had three devastating fires but has stood the test of time, it was used as a government headquarters back in 1705 as it was the largest structure in the area, and when the fire hit the first time, funds were sent from Queen Anne of England to restore it. Today it remains an academic establishment.

So if you get a chance to walk the halls of one of these establishments, just remember how much history has passed through them.