The odds of meeting your soulmate in college

Meeting the love of your life in college is surely a prevailing fantasy in the United States, with some institutions using it as their selling point. But just how realistic is it to meet your soulmate in college? Well, you actually have about a 28% chance of finding true love in the corridors of college.

Facebook recently examined its statistics on married couples across the United States to find out where people are more likely to find their future partners. The findings from Facebook’s Data Science Unit showed that 15% of users married their high school soulmates, but whether they met together at an older age wasn’t specified in the study. Similarly, approximately 28% of married college graduates attended the same college, but the geographic factor wasn’t a consideration. Rather, the research considered the religious affiliation and gender ratio.

Here’s an example: approximately 60% of all Brigham Young University graduates were married to fellow graduates, and research indicates women were more likely to marry a classmate who attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, where 88% of the students are made of men.

As per the information collected, bigger colleges were better at facilitating a match between college sweethearts, and political inclinations slightly increased the likelihood of two alumni to marry. There are no surprises here, because people tend to connect when they have something in common. That “something” can be personal or environmental in nature.

The findings also do not capture whether the relationship started when the two enrolled or had started earlier before stepping into college. The type of college you attended can also greatly influence your probability of meeting a soulmate for a long-term relationship. But it’s important to note that the college’s political outlook and religious affiliations have a key role to play.
The institutions with a conservative leaning were found to be a fertile breeding ground for promising relationships. The study indicates that close to half of the women who attended the US Air Force Academy met their spouses in that college. Facebook suggests the measurements didn’t define whether the spouses are of the same or different gender, but the statistics largely reflect heterosexual married couples.

But why is it becoming increasingly difficult to find that special someone in college? Well, times have changed. The contemporary world boasts the latest and greatest social media platforms, and many folks take to the internet to find love. The world of matchmaking has taken a new turn, with dating apps like Bumble and Tinder on the rise.
That’s not to say meeting your soulmate in college is totally impossible. No, you can find the special someone in college if you spend your college years looking for a soulmate. It’s really an individual process, and people find their significant others in different ways.

However, meeting their future husband or wife in college will always be a dream for many. Imagine how amazing it is to be able to say that you found your spouse in college! It’s something that you’ll be able to look back on fondly for your entire life. It is worth spending time focusing on your education, and if you end up finding your soulmate in college – even better!