Items for maximizing space in your college dorm

Your college dorm may look roomy and might seem big enough to fit every aspect of your life when it’s empty. But once those boxes start to fill up and worse, once the unpacking begins, even the most swanky college dorms can get cluttered and stuffed, with little room for a bed and table.

Staying efficiently in a college dorm and leading a healthy life requires the ability to manage one’s belongings effectively. While there are many hacks and tricks which can help students stack and rack their belongings, there are some innovative living solutions students can purchase at incredibly affordable rates. Some of these common products are mentioned below.

Items for maximizing space in your college dorm

Lift-top tables

Lift-top study and coffee tables are a must for anyone wishing to get the most out of their space. Not every dorm has enough room for a table, but if yours does, it’s a great option for saving space. While a lot of tables come with drawers, combining them with a lift-able top which can store a wide range of accessories ensures you make the most out of them. Lift-top study tables can store all your stationery and books, and lift-top coffee tables are ideal for snacks and other consumables.

Use a wide range of closet tools

Most college dorms come with pre-installed closets or wardrobes. These closets may not be well-optimized to contain the entirety of your baggage. There is a wide range of closet solutions such as double hangers, special coat hangers, attachable closet partitions and boards which can help you customize your dorm-room closets according to your preferences. Added to this, dorm closets can be attached with multiple hanger rods and separate hooks behind the closet doors to create additional space for storing pants and coats.

Make sure your bed has space underneath

The space underneath the beds in college dorms are one of the best locations for storing heavy luggage and boxes that contain items that are rarely used or delicate pieces of clothing. Stuffing your suitcases and bags under your dorm room bed is a very common practice and one that is quite effective at clearing space and making extra room. You can even buy risers to put underneath the legs of your bed in order to free up even more space.

Over the door and wall hangers

Wall and door hangers come with various compartments and pockets which can be used for storing a wide range of accessories such as keys, slippers, toothbrushes, wallets, accessories for grooming, bathing equipment, and other kinds of small and handy goods. You can also hang fixed hangers for specific items such as electronics, stationery. and other supplies. If you cannot make room for a wall-mounted shelf, then these hangers are the perfect solution.

Items for maximizing space in your college dorm

Throw stuff you don’t need

As human beings, we sometimes keep stuff we don’t really need only because it looks nice or has a sentimental values. A good solution to that is to move the stuff you really love to your parents’ house, or simply throwing them away, making room for a new, clean energy ion your dorms.