Every college student should take these courses

You’re going to college! Hooray! You finally did it, and you can’t actually believe that you will be leaving your mommy and daddy behind and going it alone in the big bad world. While it can be pretty daunting, it can also be pretty darn AWESOME. Of course, college is all about getting that famous ‘college experience’ and having the time of your life, but it’s also about actually getting a degree at the end of it. You know, it’s kind of important. Yet, if you’re wondering which courses you should take, then why not check out the courses that every college student should take?


Let’s be honest; everyone loves writers (*wink*). Although we may be a bit bias, choosing to take a journalism or writing course during your college experience will actually benefit you a whole heap. For starters, there’s a high chance that you will enjoy it because writing is awesome (*double wink*), but being able to write succinctly is a huge part of life. No matter which job you apply for, they will always expect you to have strong writing skills. This kinda course gives you just that.

Every college student should take these courses

Web Design/Development

You know how MJ said that ‘the children are our future’? Well, he missed out a little something, because the internet is also our future. The internet and technology are already such huge parts of our life that it would be silly not to know about it. Learning the basics of HTML and coding is now a desirable skill for many tech-based jobs, so an introduction to this at college will give you the best head start in life. If you hate it, then you can at least use your skills to hack into McDonald’s and give yourself free Big Macs for life. Just kidding, don’t do that.

History/Art History

The world has been a pretty tumultuous place (you can say that again), and it’s important that we all know where we came from and what the world has gone through to get to this point. This is not only important from a social and appreciative aspect, but it’s also important because knowledge of these situations can stop them from happening again in the future. This college course gives us an insight into the minds of others as well as what the world was like when our ancestors roamed the planet. What could be cooler than that?


Okay, the word ‘accounting’ may cause shivers to run down your spine and make you feel physically sick (trust us, we feel the same), but you gotta stick with us on this one. Although accounting and finance couldn’t be further down the list of the courses you probably want to take, it will actually prove to be hugely beneficial in your life. Not only will it help you if you decide to create your own business or work in the business sector, but it will also help your personal life. After all, taxes don’t file themselves – and if you can do it yourself, it will result in less ice cream for crying, and more ice cream for celebrating.

Every college student should take these courses

Public Speaking

There’s a high chance that you absolutely hate being the center of attention and hate the thought of standing in front of millions of people and talking. Public Speaking will give you the perfect opportunity to get over your fear while helping you build confidence in simply having a conversation, creating a presentation, or even writing a speech. Go for it!

Are you wondering which college courses to pick? Well, there are some college courses that all students should take, so why not start there?