Most beautiful college libraries

Libraries are practically the pinnacle of college life and can be one of the biggest impressions on a student. It’s also where all the magic happens, libraries are like the knowledge-center for any university, providing some of the most critical texts from around the world, making them some of the most fascinating reads you will ever come across. Libraries have also been a pinnacle of beauty, and have had some of the most breathtaking buildings ever built. Colleges are usually the home to such wondrous buildings, but which are the most beautiful?


Linderman Library – Lehigh University

The Linderman Library is truly something to be beheld; you’ll feel as if you’ve walked into something out of a great fantasy novel. The layers and layers of books boast a privileged place upon reams of balconies that anyone can view. That’s not all; the design of this library is a graceful mixture of old and modern architecture, and features expanses of study areas for those who attend.

Linderman Library – Lehigh University

William R. Perkins Library – Duke University

Duke University has some of the oldest architecture that holds these essential books. With their brick walls and layered windows, this library also contains some of the original domestic confederate documents, which are protected. This college library has an ancient and antiquated feel; some would say this adds to the charm and beauty of this place. With the high ceilings and the glorious wooden beams, you’ll feel transported back in time.

Klarchek Information Commons – Loyola University of Chicago

If it’s a modern kind of beauty you prefer, then the Loyola University of Chicago has one of the most beautiful libraries you’ll have ever seen. One of the most breathtaking features of this library is nothing to do with the books, but with one of the most stunning views anyone has ever seen. This library is built with mostly glass so that through it, you can see the sea both in the summer and the winter, the architecture is unique in this way and gives an avid reader a view they can only dream of.

William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library – The Ohio State University

Another modern masterpiece, this library also has some incredible features, shown off only due to the glass panes between student and book. The ability to view the droves and droves of books is what makes this library so impressive, as the volume of them is almost impossible to imagine. Be careful, this maze of glass and paper could be easy to get lost in!

William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library – The Ohio State University

Cook Legal Research Library – University of Michigan

Lastly on this list is Cook Legal Research Library at the University of Michigan, and it’s because it’s one of the most amazing libraries anyone will ever see. The high ceilings feature medieval-type chandeliers hanging low enough to behold a dim light, just enough to illuminate the grand study halls, old enough and glorious enough they seem as if it might be a hall straight from Hogwarts. Isn’t that every student’s dream?

While every college library is different, there are some that are far more wonderful than others, but they all serve the same purpose; to learn! However, it doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by something amazing while doing your reading, does it?