6 lessons you learn in college that’ll stick with you forever

Many people go to college to get that all-important degree that will give them the career of their choosing. Others will place just as much importance on having the full college experience and making sure they party and learn as much about life as possible. For many people, they will meet lifelong friends at college so it can be a very important time in the lives of many. Here are just six of the most important lessons you’ll learn in college.

Saying yes to stuff

It would be a shame to be exposed to so many new experiences only to say no to them and come out of college without any new life skills. It doesn’t have to be jumping from a plane without a parachute, but there are often great opportunities to develop personally. Furthermore, it can be a gateway to a new passion you didn’t even know you were interested in until you gave it a go. Don’t be afraid to say yes to things in college, as long as you aren’t too uncomfortable with the situation.

Learning how to find time for yourself

There are a lot of people around at college, and so it can be hard to find time for the most important person in your life – yourself. Sure there’s a great party every night this week, but don’t you just want to sit alone in a room and read, or watch TV, or do something that doesn’t require any company? Make sure you do, and you’ll begin learning how to make a bit of time for yourself amongst a jam-packed social calendar.

Dealing with procrastination

Look, there’s no getting around it, you’ll find a time when you’ve left everything to the last minute as there are a million and one better things you want to do with your time. While this is common, you’ll either learn to sink or swim at college in this regard. Procrastination is something that gets its claws into many of us, and in college, you’ll be aiming to learn how to kick the habit, something that will set you on the right path for the rest of your life following the exploits of college.

Keeping your commitments

So you’ve agreed to go to college, the payments are set up, and you’ve packed your bags. This is actually happening. Now you’ll have to make sure you see it through until the end. The whole college experience is a rewarding life lesson in seeing things through. You’ve made a commitment and achieved what you set out to, congratulations, you’ve learned how to see your promises through. This attitude will keep you working and making sure you progress in your chosen field. Too many skipped classes in college, and you may be risking dropping out, a habit that won’t necessarily do you any favors in the long run.

Do your own thing

So your dorm is going to a beach party but you’ve got a headache and you really just want to catch up on some sleep, or college work. You’ll learn at college that you can say no to people if they are doing stuff you’re not up for. Besides saying no to your friends, you’ll also learn to see who in your life isn’t contributing to it positively. While you were in high school, you might have worried about what the popular kids thought, but now you’re older you really don’t care. Awesome, you do you!


You’ll learn how to adapt to situations in your life you didn’t see coming. This might be figuring out how to cook a meal with only one pan and two ingredients, or maybe you’ll learn how to make new clothes as you can’t afford new ones. Whatever you do at college, you’ll come out with new found skills of adaptation.

Those were some of the skills you’ll learn from your time at college. Although if you’ve already been to college, then you’ll already know them!