Nothing was too much for this bus driver and his mission to deliver his gifts

Bus drivers can be the unsung heroes of the world. After all, many of us would never be able to get to school without their dedication to hit the road each and every day. It turned out that nothing was too much for this bus driver as he traveled on his mission to deliver the perfect gift.

Problems on the road

Wayne Price is a bus driver at the Montevallo Elementary School and is used to driving under all conditions. However, he was one of the many drivers that was affected by a sudden influx of black ice in Alabama during December 2018. It looked as though no one was going anywhere as drivers all battled to make it through the winter conditions. Although Shelby County had warned of the ice, it turned out that some bus drivers were already on their way to their first pick up. It was too late.

The bad news

Mr. Price continued to weave his way around the roads as he picked up the kids all waiting to get to school. Unfortunately, the conditions on the road meant that no one was going anywhere fast. Instead, the school was forced to shut the kitchens before Wayne and the students made it in for the day. This meant the youngsters were all going to miss out on their morning meal. How would they be able to learn if none of them had any brain food to help them through the morning hump?

Looking for alternatives

He might have only been tasked with getting them to school, but this bus driver knew the importance of getting these kids some much-needed breakfast. As soon as he dropped them off, Mr. Price decided to was time to head to the local McDonald’s chain. There was no way he would let them down. Instead, the bus driver ordered between 30 and 40 biscuits to take back to the school and hand to the students who had missed breakfast thanks to the ice. It was the ultimate gesture of kindness on a cold winter’s day.

An internet hero

Amazingly, the Transportation Coordinator, Rick Vines, admitted that he first heard about Wayne’s biscuits as everyone was talking about his employee on social media. It turned out that the school had shared a photo of the kind driver as they wanted the world to know the sacrifices he had made to ensure everyone got their breakfast. Wayne admits that he has been inundated with messages from strangers all around the world thanking him for his actions. However, the driver says it was never about the fame – it was all to keep the kids happy and fed.

While the snow and ice can see many of us in a panic, it seems as though some know just what to do – even if that does mean going above and beyond their duty of care. Although Wayne could have gone home and away from the cold, he would never be complete unless he put a smile of his kids’ faces.