Memorable NYU classes you won’t find anywhere else

College classes are an integral part of the college lifestyle, and hugely important for you to progress and learn more. You have to understand that going to class is pretty much the entire point of being in college. However, even though this is invariably true, there are still plenty of reasons why you might find classes boring and monotonous.

Having said that, there are a lot of different things you can do that will help you to find college classes more interesting. And, a big part of that is actually choosing classes that are fun and fascinating. There are certain classes at NYU that you’re not going to be able to find anywhere else, and these are 5 of the best ones.

The science of happiness

What does it mean to be happy, and what does it take to be happy? These are some of the questions people have asked for years. This is, of course, something subjective, but you can learn all about the art of happiness by taking this class. You’ll learn all about the science behind happiness and emotions, and what we can do to make ourselves happier on a daily basis.

Enlightenment literature and philosophy

The Enlightenment era was one of the most important in history, especially when it comes to art and culture. And this class gives you the chance to study some of the classic literature and philosophy texts from the time. It’s a great class to give you a break from your major and allows you to cut your philosophical teeth as much as possible.

Memorable NYU classes you won’t find anywhere else

Feminism & Theater

Yep, this is actually one of the best and most enjoyable classes out there. You can study plays by feminist playwrights, and dissect the meaning behind them. A bit of girl power is so important these days, and you can learn so much about feminism and theater in the process. This is the perfect class to showcase the work produced by many of the great women of the world.

Food photography

Have you ever watched an advert or seen a picture where food is the principal focus? Perhaps you’ve also wondered how they manage to get the food looking so sumptuous? Well, you can learn all the secrets behind this by taking the food photography class. You’ll go through all the basic steps of photography up to a professional level, and learn how the eyes are drawn to food, as well as tricks to help make food appear more appealing.

German Cinema: Man, monster, machine

We all know that French cinema is a popular topic of study, but not many people give German cinema the credit it deserves. In this class, you will learn about German cinema and film analysis, and you’ll gain a greater understanding of Germany as a nation by doing so. This is one of the most exciting and enjoyable courses you can take.

These are just a few of the memorable classes you could choose to take at NYU. They are something a little different to what we are normally used to, and this adds a more enjoyable dimension to college classes. You have to understand that variety is important, and these options give you a chance at enjoying some variety.

Memorable NYU classes you won’t find anywhere else