Weirdest college mascots in the USA

Many people look back at college with fond memories. College can be a place where you are surrounded by lots of different, interesting, and intellectual people. College sports are also a source of great fun and entertainment throughout your time at school, and of course, every college team needs a mascot to help fans and players develop a sense of camaraderie. This team spirit is central to the experience. After all, a college football game wouldn’t be complete without a mascot running around and getting the crowd to cheer.

Some of these fun mascots have already managed to reach a mythical status in their home universities, and are considered as an integral part of their tradition. Let us look at some of the weirdest and most interesting college mascots floating around the United States today.

Keggy The Keg (Dartmouth)

While Dartmouth has a reputation in academics and sports altogether, it doesn’t have an official mascot – Keggy is an unofficial mascot which is not recognized by its administration. While the administration refuses to acknowledge Keggy, the students eagerly await the arrival of the giant keg at each sporting event.

Smokey (University of Tennessee)

You wouldn’t guess what Smokey looks like from his name. He is a dog who looks like he’s about to nod off at any minute. Smokey isn’t a fancy mascot, but he represents what this list is all about; he is outright weird. Apparently, Smokey is famous throughout the university and you won’t find any student who does not know him.

Sammy The Banana Slug (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Sammy is, as you have guessed from his name, a giant banana slug. He is a pretty skilled dancer and is quite tame compared to the other mascots on this list. He wears glasses and reads a Plato book on the university logo. Sammy looks like he’s delightful to sip some tea with while being slightly offbeat at the same time.

The Fighting Pickle (North Carolina School of the Arts)

We’re sure you laughed at this one. You must have been thinking, “Really? A fighting pickle?” The pickle was first suggested as a joke and is the result of a costume contest. The infamous fighting pickle is usually seen greeting fans and dancing with cheerleaders at many sporting events.

The Troll (Trinity Christian College)

The troll is, well, a troll. He is one of the most hideous mascots you will have the pleasure of meeting. There are many rumors about how the troll came to be, including night time sightings near the 123rd Street Bridge. The troll has a big mouth, which very well looks like it’s saying, “I’m coming for you.”

And there you have it; these are the wackiest of the wackiest, the craziest, the funniest, the scariest, and the most hideous of all the school mascots around the United States. While school is all about academics and excellence,  School mascots represent the funnier side and what’s most important to the students unofficially, and what’s important to the school officially.