Secrets you need to know about college admission

The time to apply for colleges comes along every year for soon-to-be high schoolers. It’s a time of anticipation and stress for them because they feel that their career depends on this crucial phase. Many students apply to reputed colleges after securing high grades, yet not everyone is able to secure a seat there.

Much of this misfortune happens due to the strict selection process of college admission committees. They consider a range of factors to determine whether or not a student will be admitted to the college.

There are, however, several misconceptions about the process. Students and their families speculate about everything that happens behind closed doors, but often choosing the wrong parameters. Here are a few secrets about college admission that both students and families should know.

The rubric review process

You may be wondering how the committee weighs grades, recommendations, essays, extracurricular activities, and so many other parameters. They actually follow a rubric system to evaluate applications, under which applicants get a score for each evaluation category compared to the admission criteria.

Your high school rank may not always matter

An applicant may have topped their high school, but that doesn’t mean he or she can get direct admission into college. The committee doesn’t consider an applicant’s high school class rank as much as it considers other factors. Some colleges have an entrance exam, which needs to be cleared in order to be admitted irrespective of an applicant’s high rank in his or her previous class.

Your economic condition matters

You should know that your financial condition, which determines your ability to pay for your tuition, is an essential factor that the college admission committee might consider. Such colleges seek to provide necessary financial aid to students if they meet their admission standards but are unable to afford the fees.

Your art portfolio adds weight to your application

Some applicants may think that arts and crafts are just suitable for leisure. But the reality is very different when it comes to college admissions. The admission committee looks for an applicant’s extracurricular activities and creative works to understand his or her personality better. It gives an impression that you have a life outside your textbooks, thereby highlighting your application to catch the reviewer’s eye.

You need to start early to get the best

You don’t land in your dream college at the stroke of a magic wand. You need to prepare for this day much in advance so that you can collect all your experiences and put them together. You can document your skills, activities, and test scores without fouling up if you prepare for this day. After all, it’s your test scores and documented skills that increase your value as a student while applying to a premium college.

Diversity is the order of the day

Last but certainly not least, you should know that many colleges follow the principles of diversity and inclusion. But diversity for them goes beyond ethnicity and race. It includes an applicant’s gender, place of origin, and personal attributes that get into the review process. Colleges seek to create a diverse learning environment where there is an exchange of ideas and an amicable camaraderie between students.