College clubs and activities that will put you on top

Aside from academics, the activities and clubs in which you participate while in college can put you on top of others in terms of your resume and employability. Extra-curricular activities give you transferable skills that are highly sought after in the marketplace. In this article, we will highlight the top clubs and activities that, when put on your resume, will ultimately make you more desirable for employment.

Employers look for well rounded employees who are flexible and adaptive. Activities and clubs you were a member of while in college provide evidence that you are a team player, responsible, a good time manager, and a leader. This is what most employers look for in your resume.

Here is a list of clubs and activities that will make your resume a little more competitive.

College clubs and activities that will put you on top

Debate club

Debate clubs have students participate in a series of research, arguments, and public speaking activities, and having this in your resume is a big plus. The employer is sure of the skills you have acquired just by being a member. Awards and participation in contests comes in handy in your employability index. Debate groups instill eloquence in verbal and written communication, and the level of critical thinking and understanding arguments from different points of view is evident from a debater. Your resume will communicate volumes on your intelligence in terms of research, handling issues, and clear and concise presentation of arguments.

School newspaper

Even if you are not a journalism major, being a member of a school newspaper group sharpens your writing skills. It teaches students critical thinking on issues and trains them on time management skills. Employers look for employees with such skills as working on tight schedules and good time management. Team players need not be supervised and prompted in the workplace. This will automatically increase the chances of being considered for interview.

Resident assistant

Resident Assistants, also known as RAs, are social counselors and student leaders. Their daily responsibilities include counseling and managing conflicts between fellow students. Employers appreciate the leadership roles and the capability to handle groups and differences in the workplace. Among many other things, skills acquired are event facilitation, flexibility, time management, socialization skills, and networking, which are valuable in future working life of a student.

Public service

Using your time to help people and participate in charity activities and events is something to be proud of. Being part of events such as house construction in Habitat for Humanity tells the employer that you sacrificed your time to help others. While it is commendable to serve the society, it is a character trait that is very valuable in the society and increases your value in the job market.

College clubs and activities that will put you on top

Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring means that a student has mastered course content and is willing to help others. Peer tutors are great team players and leaders that are sought after by employers. This showcases the confidence, knowledge and responsibility a candidate has, and ultimately increases your invitations to interviews and employment opportunities.

While writing a bulletproof resume is necessary to land a job, more focus should be put on the extra-curricular activities one engaged in while in college. Employers look for candidates with transferable skills and capabilities acquired in extra-curricular activities in college.