Best podcasts for college students by college students

Podcasts have become popular nowadays given the impact they have proved to make in the world of broadcast. The best thing about podcasts is that you don’t have to stop what you are doing in order to listen to them. You could be all about some morning jogging or doing some grocery shopping and still be listening to your favorite podcast. If you are a college student, you will definitely find college podcasts very informative and entertaining because they tackle major issues that surround everyday college life. College podcasts are also very inspiring as they highlight the outside life and how you should prepare yourself to face it once you are done with college. There are quite a number of podcasts that students can listen to such as TED Talks radio and Examining Ethics.

They not only talk about academic life, but some of them also touch on money and ethics. There is so much to learn from various podcasts and if you have not started listening to any of them, it’s high time you gave it a try. There are college podcasts that have been created by college students. What could be better than listening to college podcasts by fellow college students? Let us have a look at some of the best college podcasts ever produced by college students:

The Commons

This is a podcast by a students’ club going by the name Independent in the Bowdoin College in Maine. It has narrations of human-interest stories from the experiences of being in the private school.

Best podcasts for college students by college students

The Third Chair

This is from a student newspaper by the name The Lantern from Ohio State University. It is a podcast that comprises of stories from students about their new college experiences and what they have learnt from all of it. It’s a great listen for students still trying to find their way around college life.


From Kent State University, this podcast is produced by the student newspaper by the name KentWired. This podcast talks of the hidden potentialities that the students of that University have. Definitely something to listen to for a little motivation to push your limits.


From the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, this is a podcast series that details the flooding account that faced Louisiana residents during the strike of Katrina Hurricane in the year 2005. It is a good podcast that enlightens students on the happenings of the Hurricane issue especially for those who never encountered it.

Real College Podcast

This is a Radio K (a student radio) podcast from the University of Minnesota that talks about the lifestyle, arts and culture of the students at the University of Minnesota and those living in the nearby surroundings.

Best podcasts for college students by college students

The Rostrum

From the University of Utah, this is a student radio by the name K-Ute Radio podcast with interviews from the movers and shakers within the campus comprising of both students and the faculty.

Swing State of Mind

If you are more into political podcasts, this political podcast by the student’s newspaper going by the name The Post from Ohio University may arouse some interest. It has student reporters divulging into Ohio politics in great detail.