At one Swiss university, you can now major in yodeling

The great thing about college these days is the wealth of different opportunities and subjects you can study. There is so much more range than there has ever been, and this is the perfect time to explore and discover things you maybe would never have thought of. This has also given rise to new and unusual classes that continue to crop up in universities across the world.

Another of the best things about attending college is to meet new people and to learn all about new cultures and customs. So, what better than combining these two things by taking a course in something really niche? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you yodeling! Yes, you can actually major in yodeling at one Swiss university!


Yodeling is one of the great Swiss cultural traditions, and you probably have a very definitive idea of what yodeling is. The word likely conjures up ideas of a remote Alpine meadow, some sheep, and a man or woman dressed in traditional Swiss garb. But, just because it’s 2018, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find out as much as possible about yodeling. You can now learn all about this folk art in the college classroom.

Lucerne University

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art in Central Switzerland is the first in the country to actually offer degrees in yodeling. Lucerne has offered folk music degrees since about 2012, but it took a long time for them to find a yodeling teacher. Yodeling was once used as a form of communication among shepherds, but these days is most commonly performed on stage, and it’s actually making its way into musical festivals now.

Famed teacher

Lucerne finally found the right teacher Nadja Rass. She is a famous Swiss yodeler and, how cool does this sound, she runs her own yodeling academy in the Swiss capital. She will take on just a handful of students, but they will learn all about how to yodel-ay-ee-oo, as well as learning about musical theory in the process. Yodeling is one of the most difficult forms of vocal music, created by alternating falsetto notes across singing tones, creating the awesome sounds we hear. So it needs a teacher as accomplished as Nadja Ross to show people the ropes.


In fact, yodeling is such a key part of Swiss culture, that in 2014 the government applied to have Alpine yodeling submitted for UNESCO World Heritage consideration. This would be huge for the country, and would really generate more of an interest in yodeling. In the meanwhile, prospective yodelers can learn the craft while waiting for their chance to shine on an international level.

How awesome would it be if you were able to take yodeling classes at college? Well, if this is right up your street, you should apply to Lucerne University, and immerse yourself in Swiss culture and the craft of yodeling. College is all about new experiences and opening your mind to other things. So, you need to make sure you take a yodeling course because this is the perfect way of having a unique college relationship.