Why millennials are the “study abroad generation”

Have you ever found yourself in a bit of dilemma? With all the amazing colleges on offer, it can be hard to decide where to study. After all, it can be a pretty major decision. However, it seems as though the next generation have a new idea about where they want to study. Here is why millennials are the “study abroad generation.”

Taking on the unknown

One of the biggest pulls of studying abroad is taking on the unknown. Although some people have a fear of things they don’t know, many people, especially millennials, are chasing all the things they have no idea about in search of new experiences. Change usually means plenty of new experiences. Life is all about living, and studying abroad gives us the chance to experience everything that wouldn’t often be around us. It seems as though millennials are taking these opportunities while they can. Could all those stories from their travels be worth it?

Looking to move abroad

Many of us have dreams of living abroad. It could be moving to Europe or jetting off somewhere exotic after graduating college. But how do you know you will fall in love with a country if you have only ever visited on vacation? After all, two weeks in a country is different from moving there permanently. Studying abroad gives a perfect chance to fall in – or out – of love with a country as students can experience life in the new lands first hand. For the first time, millennials are looking to move out in a whole new way. Why not get a head start by studying there, too?

Freeing the stereotypes

Chances are, growing up in the same town all your life with the same friends and the same hobbies means people have built up some ideas about who you are. Many of us would jump at the chance to reinvent ourselves, and millennials are doing just that. Studying abroad means students will be surrounded by a whole new bunch of people that have no idea who they are. Therefore, they have no idea what to expect. Getting on a plane and studying in distant lands is the perfect opportunity to become whoever you want to be.

Looking for love

Have you ever seen the films where someone jets off only to fall in love and start a whole new life? Yup, it might not be at the top of everyone’s lists, but many people look for at a chance to study abroad as a way to find their happy ever after. Being an international student can quickly make you the talk of the college, whether you mean to or not. After all, not everyone has spent their entire life in another country. However, this can also help when it comes to dating as everyone will always know who you are.

Perks of coming home

After all those years of studying at college abroad, there is the joy of coming home – if you haven’t found a house, a partner, and settled down just yet that is. All those months in a foreign land will give plenty of stories and new approaches you can bring back to your hometown. Whether it’s new cuisine, different habits, or bringing back part of your new culture – there is no end to the number of ways these millennials can enrich their local areas with all their new knowledge.

So it seems as if there are plenty of good reasons why millennials are the “study abroad generation.” Not only can they help to improve their own lives, but they can also help bring back a piece of their new foreign land to their hometown, too.