10 things that happens when your BFF goes to a different school

Let’s be honest, you and your BFF are the ultimate #BFFgoals. Ever since you were little kids, you’ve done everything together. You’ve braided each other’s hair, you’ve gone shopping together, and you’ve told each other every single secret you have.The last thing you ever expected to happen was for you guys to split up, but sometimes life just throws you a curveball, and your whole world is thrown into disarray. Yep, you’ve been accepted into different schools. It’s basically the end of the world, am I right? If you’re currently going through this, here are the 10 things that happen when your BFF goes to a different school…

You’ll realize that you’ll often feel left behind

There is nothing to prepare you for the separation anxiety you will feel when you turn up to college without your BFF by your side – and as much as you want to feel happy about the fact that you got into university, something just doesn’t seem right. For most BFF’s, there will always be one person who seems to find it easier. But if you’re not that person, you need to know that it’s okay to feel often left behind, but you’ll get through it, sistah.

You’ll realize you’ll need to start over

Many BFF’s are reluctant to start over and make new friends because they somehow feel as though they’re cheating on their other half.. However, stopping yourself from starting over will ruin your whole college experience – and you don’t want that! Remember your BFF back home, but also remember that this is a whole new chapter of your life with a few new characters in it.

You’ll become attached to your phone

While at college, your cell phone will become your best friend. If you’re miles away from each other, this is the only form of communication you have with each other – and while we advise that you DO take advantage of it, don’t spend all of your evenings FaceTiming each other and not actually getting on with your lives, because you’ll soon become a hermit.

10 things that happens when your BFF goes to a different school

You’ll realize that your time together is precious

One of the best things about college is that you have the longest vacations known to man, which means that you can go home and spend time with your friends and family before you have to go back for another semester. During this time, you’ll realize that your time together with your BFF is precious, and that you need to make the most of it.

You’ll realize that you can’t have #BFFtimes on tap

When you weren’t at college, all you had to do was call up your BFF or walk to their house whenever you felt like it – but it’s a little different at college. While you can still talk like you used to, you can’t have your #BFFtimes on tap any longer. You might have to schedule a phone call, or buy flights weeks in advance to go home…and that’s okay! It might not feel like it to start with, but the effort you put in will soon pay off.


You’ll realize that sometimes you have to move on

Unfortunately, there are some long-distance friendships that don’t last the length of college. While you spend the first few weeks exchanging hilarious college stories and planning when you’re going to meet up and see each other again, sometimes these plans just fizzle out into thin air – and so do the friendships. And you know what? If a friendship doesn’t last through one of the most important times of your life, then it probably wasn’t worth it in the first place.

You’ll realize that you can always make new friends

While it may seem impossible for you to love someone as much as your long-distance best friend, we’re here to break it to you. It’s totally possible! When you’re not spending so much time with one person, it gives you more time to explore what’s around you and make new friends. Join a sorority, join a club, or just meet up with some of your fellow classmates for a drink after a lecture.

You’ll realize that nothing has to change

The best thing about a true long-distance friendship is that although you may be further away than normal, nothing has to change. While you may have your own things going on, you still care about each other, you still want the best for each other, and you still want to catch up on all of the latest gossip while watching Grey’s Anatomy over the phone together. Although your circumstances changed, your friendship does not.

10 things that happens when your BFF goes to a different school

You’ll realize that some friends are for life

We know, we can tell that you’re welling up right now – and that’s okay. We miss our BFF too. Whether you become closer than ever during your college experiences or whether you drift apart, it’s safe to say that friendships really do last forever – even if they’re just in your memories! Of course, we’d all love these stories to have a happy ending, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Going to college away from your BFF WILL be a difficult experience, but if you accept that these things will happen – you’ll allow yourself and your best friend to have the best college experience ever. What could be better?