This old elephant wasn’t acting like herself, the reason left everyone stunned

African elephants are the largest land animals on planet Earth, but despite this fact they face the danger of extinction. They have no natural predators – except man. Still, it’s men who watch over these beasts and try to protect them, and so when one expert noticed a female elephant under his care was acting strangely, he decided to take a closer look. Nothing could prepare him for what he discovered.

Learning to live together

Elephants spend most of their time living in herds where one leader will decide where they will travel and organize the pecking order amongst the others. However, elephants have become an attractive target for many hunters looking for the next best trophy.

This is why many of the animals are protected in conservation parks. It was only when one of the many closely watched elephants began to act strangely that researchers started to worry. What could be wrong?