These people had one job and hilariously failed it

A Canadian flop

There’s nothing better than donning your flip-flops during the summer months, especially in the Canadian heat. Or do we mean English? Or Canadian? Or English? Oh man, we don’t even know. What we do know though, is that this look does NOT make sense. Sort it out, Old Navy.

A magic trick

We’ve all seen the popular trick where the magician saws their beautiful assistant in half and then switches her body parts around – but it seems this magician didn’t get the memo to put her back together again. Either that or this a weird advertisement for the human caterpillar. Eugh.

Cheese on the side

Let’s be honest; we’re all pretty fussy about our burger orders. Some want a veggie version, others want a burger without gherkins, and there are even some who want cheese on the side. However, it seems this request was taken literally, as one unsuspecting customer got their cheese ACTUALLY stuck on the side of his burger.

Not-so-sweet Relish

Okay, this one really makes us feel uncomfortable. Of course, we all love Heinz. They make the most incredible sauces, they make yummy baked beans, and they’re always there for us when we need to up our fries game. Unfortunately, we won’t be buying this not-so-Sweet-Relish anytime soon.


Losing a family member or friend is never easy, and everyone deals with grief in their own way. There are some people who cry for days and send heartfelt messages to those directly affected by the death, and there are even some who try to lighten the mood – like the person who would buy this Adios card!

Live outside the bun

We never thought we’d ever say anything bad about Taco Bell (AKA the most delicious food ever), but we have to admit that this image did make us cringe a little. We all know that the company used to use ‘Live outside the bun’ as their slogan, but this is just silly.

Happy Hippo

In today’s day and age, we’d like to believe that most people have a general knowledge of the different animals on this planet. Sure, we don’t have hippos or rhinos in the United States, and they are both grey – but that definitely is not one happy hippo.

Do not enter

Hmmmm, we used to be indecisive, but now we’re not too sure. Do we go in this door? Do we not enter? Do we put our left arm in and shake it all about? Who the heck knows, but we reckon we’d just find another entrance… or exit. Man, this is confusing.

Is Pepsi ok?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in a bar or restaurant and asked for a Coca-Cola, for the waiter to turn around and say ‘Is Pepsi ok?’ Of course, it’s definitely NOT ok, but we smile it off and politely nod our head like the good citizens we are. It seems we’re not the only ones who hate Pepsi, as this supermarket won’t even stock it.

You slae, girl

There’s nothing we love more than getting to our favorite shop and realizing that they have a slae on. Oh… wait, what? We know we totally slay in their clothing, but we reckon one shop worker got a little too excited about the prospect of 20% off the LBD they’d been eyeing up.

A fitted shirt

Okay, this fail is funny on so many levels. For starters, why the heck is the shirt not ON the mannequin? Surely, that’s the whole point? Also, why is the shirt sideways? What makes this situation even funnier is that the mannequin says it’s ‘fitted.’ Well, it’s clearly not.

Squeaky clean

After much pressure from our dentist, we’ve finally decided to take proper care of our teeth and buy the correct toothbrush and toothpaste. We thought buying these simple products would be easy, but it seems even the supermarket is against us having squeaky clean, pearly whites. Oh, well.

A college fail

Either this is a joke, or someone needs to get fired. We’re not sure what this building is, but we’re not sure it’s the College of Architecture and Planning. If it is, we wouldn’t advise any prospective students to go there, because they’re pretty awful at architecture AND planning. Awkward.

The path to diabetes

In today’s day and age, Diabetes is becoming more and more prevalent, and the path to Diabetes is becoming a lot clearer – in fact, this advertisement is pointing right at it. Yep, this perfectly placed McDonald’s menu is offering Diabetes straight ahead for just $1! What an offer.

Do you see someone drowning?

Right, listen up, ladies and gents, because this is important. According to his sign we just happened to stumble upon, if you see someone drowning you first need to laugh out loud and then call 911, okay? Hang on… we’re not sure that sign is right.

Long yellow things

If you’ve ever worked in marketing and branding, you’ll know how bloomin’ difficult it is to come up with new names for products. We’re not sure that bananas really needed a new name (y’know, because they’ve already got one), but we have to admire the creative genius behind the new name at this supermarket.

A three-pointer

We’re not sure what kind of sport the people at this company are watching, but we can wholeheartedly say that they aren’t watching the same as us. Now, we’re no basketball geniuses, but we can tell you there are no tennis rackets involved in the game. Oops.

Do it right the first time!

Although the meaning behind this Planned Parenthood sign is obviously meaningful (plan ahead, kids), you do have to admire the irony. For starters, the formatting of this sign is ALL off – and makes us feel pretty uncomfortable – but then the ‘D’ is left all on its own. Like we said, totally ironic.

Starbuck sucks

Okay, let’s just clarify this one. Yes, we said Starbucks sucks, but we don’t mean the drinks or the products (can you really get any better than a Pumpkin Spice Latte?). What we really mean is that the numbnuts who did this signage WITHOUT opening the door sucks. Quite literally.


It’s fair to say that whoever designed this bag does NOT have superpowers – and we doubt Batman or Superman would be too pleased if they saw this. Of course, there are a lot of superheroes in the world, but considering the only thing Batman and Superman have in common is the fact that they have capes, we can’t forgive this.

All the best for your baby

We’re all for advertising in-store, but we think whoever was in charge of this advertisement had maybe drunk too much of the products. In case you needed clarification, the $8.99 bottles in the picture are not in the best interests of your baby. Y’know, just in case.

A spork?

We’re all familiar with forks, we’re all familiar with spoons, and some of us are even familiar with sporks (coolest invention ever), but it seems the person who designed this packaging wasn’t familiar with any of those items of cutlery. Our minds can’t deal with this. Is it a fork? A spoon? Who the heck knows.

Gender Equality

Okay, we’re pretty sure this picture was an epic fail and a pretty disastrous mistake, but in today’s day and age we’re totally rocking the gender equality and fluidity – so who cares! If boys want to wear pink undies with strawberries on them, so be it. You do you, kids.

Ice cream fail

There’s nothing we love more than chomping down on an ice-cream, but we’d be pretty darn mad if we opened up the packaging to this monstrosity. It’s 2017 people, haven’t we had enough fake news for one year?! You can’t keep doing this to us, ice creams! It’s not fair!

Back to school

We’re not sure if things have changed a little bit since we’ve been at school, but it’s fair to say that we wouldn’t have got away with taking a meat cleaver into the hallways. Yep, this is merchandising gone really, really wrong. In fact, you could cut this tension with a knife…

An epic romance

Let’s be honest, everyone loves The Lion King, and we all love the epic romance between Simba and Nala. These two lions suffer a traumatic loss and even separate for a while, before being united, singing a catchy song and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. Oh, wait…

Bit of a headache

For the visibly disabled, crossing the road is no laughing matter. In fact, it’s often incredibly scary and nerve-wracking. Luckily, they have help along the way to guide them over the road and allow them to cross safely. It’s a good thing they couldn’t see this sign, though. Otherwise, they might have got a bit of a headache…

Hello? It’s me…

There’s just something about a red telephone box and a payphone that makes us think of all things British. Although we’re no experts on the British way of life, we’re pretty sure there are a few flaws with this telephone box. For starters, isn’t the phone supposed to be INSIDE the box?

A chip on your shoulder

Don’t get us wrong, we love our potato chips as much as the next guy (AKA a lot) – but this has offended us a little bit. If you’re gonna advertise Doritos, you gotta give us Doritos, man. Don’t get our hopes up like that. But we guess we’ll take the Cheetos as well, just to be safe…

Liberal toilets

Thankfully, toilets are becoming much more liberal nowadays. Yep, we now have gender-neutral toilets and communal bathrooms for us all to use at our leisure, no matter whether you’re male or female. However, not everyone is quite there yet – including these bathrooms, who are not quite sure who they are. We think they’re a bit of both.

Open 9 days a week

Are we missing something here? Have we been stuck in a perpetual time loop for two days a week, every single week? Because we’re pretty sure there are only 7 days in a week, right? Nevertheless, we’re pretty impressed with this store’s commitment to opening 9 days a week – so they have a right to brag.

New bigger size

Okay, we don’t like to complain about potato chips, but it’s no secret that the packets have become smaller and smaller over the years. In fact, we pay for air more than anything nowadays. So of course, we were positively fuming when we saw this one. No, you’re not a new bigger size, Lays. YOU LIARS!

You had one job

The worst thing about running a business is that you sometimes have to put the power into someone else’s hands. We’re betting this tiling company won’t be hiring this graphic designer anytime soon, because we’re pretty sure he’s got the pictures around the wrong way. Either that or they’re really bad tilers.


Normally, when a product is telling you to do something IN CAPITAL LETTERS, you tend not to do it. However, it seems whoever was in charge of these packages chose to live life on the edge and stack 25 of them on top of each other. Because go hard or go home, right?

Miss Universe

Sorry Steve Harvey, but you really did have one job. We all know the infamous story of Steve Harvey announcing the wrong Miss Universe winner, but we still have to bring it up every now and then so we don’t forget how incredibly awkward the whole situation was…

Chocolate Milk

Yuh-huh, we love chocolate milk, and our extensive research of drinking chocolate milk every single day of our lives has made us experts on the matter. We can say that we’re 99.9% sure this isn’t chocolate milk. Sorry, Friendly Farms. You can’t trick us into drinking fruit juice. Nice try.

No bun intended

We love our buns to be in fine, uniform condition, so this is making us a little uneasy. For starters, the single bun upside down on its own makes us feel pretty sad for the little bunny-no-mates, but what makes us feel even more uncomfortable is the fact that it’s not even in the center. *Shivers*

Made in Chian

It’s no secret that some of the products made in China are pretty dodgy, but we were intrigued to see what the products from Chian would be like. Luckily, these pliers came with some helpful instructions, because we were gonna swallow these bad boys before the packaging told us not to…

The disabled bay

Thankfully, we live in a world where handicapped people can rely on specified parking bays for them to use at their leisure. One of the main positives of these bays is that they are easily accessible – not like this one. This parking space looks more like a boat, and definitely isn’t wheelchair-friendly. Not cool, dude.

Freaky Friday

We’ve all watched Freaky Friday and watched Lindsay Lohan turn into Jamie Lee Curtis – but have you ever seen the sequel? Yep, this follow-up movie follows the lives of Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy as they switch bodies. Of course, we’re totally kidding, and someone just messed this cover-up (although we’d definitely watch that movie).